1MW 2MW 3MW Ground Mounting Solar System

1MW 2MW 3MW Ground Mounting Solar System are usually large, utility-scale photovoltaic power stations. The PV array consist of solar modules held in place by racks or frames that are attached to ground based mounting support.

Product Details

1MW 2MW 3MW Ground Mounting Solar System

Product Introduction

Solar energy is a way of converting solar energy from electric energy to electric energy, using solar energy (PV) directly, using centralized solar or combination. The solar system uses lenses, mirrors and tracking systems to focus large areas of sunlight into a small beam. Photovoltaic cells use the photovoltaic effect to convert light into current.

 With the decreasing cost of solar power generation, the number of grid connected photovoltaic systems has increased to millions, while the number of solar power stations being built now has hundreds of megawatts. Solar photovoltaic is rapidly becoming a cheap low carbon technology, using the renewable energy of solar energy.

Technical Data

Material Aluminum Al6005-T5
Module specification based on customer requirement
Module arrangement Landscape / Portrait
Tilt Angle 5o~45o
Applicable Panels Framed or unframed
Foundation Ground screw/ Bored Concrete Pile/Concrete
Design life 25 years
Warranty 10 years

Factory & Shipping




We warrants the Purchaser the Product be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of ten (10) years.

Required Information to Design and Quote

1. PV Panels Dimension: ____________________________mm
2. Wind Speed: ________________m/s
3. Snow Speed: ________________KN/m2
4. Panel Array Layout: _____________no's in a row
5. Tilt Angle: ________________o
6. Panel Direction:  ______________________(Landscape/Portrait)
7. Clearance Height: ________________mm
8. Foundation Type: ______________________(Concrete/Pile/Ground Screw)
9. Roof Type: ______________________(Tin/metal/tile/slate/shingle roof/flat roof)

(Note: Above information can be easily copied into enquiry form)

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