Aluminum Ground Mounting System

Product Details

Aluminum Ground Mounting System

Product Introduction

Our Ground Mounting System is designed for commercial and public solar power plant. It can be applied for varied non-fossil soil types. The solution adopt integrated design of pile and post with simple structure, possessing the features of strong wind and snow load resistance, improving the installation effciency.  

The finish of the C shape steel piling is hot galvanized with good anti-corrosion quality. The C steel post can be quiackly piled into the soil 1-2 meters, match which with the aluminum mounting support structure, rail and clamps to form a mounting system, with easy installation and high efficiency, saving time and labor cost for the construction of large-scale PV projects.

 In commercial and residential applications, the system provides flexible installation array. In the open space, the available roof area is limited, which prevents or does not exist. The system can range from thousands of watts to multimegawatts, and can be adapted to various site conditions. They are often allowed to optimize the design, such as the optimal spacing and direction of the designated array, to maximize kwh production. Over the years, system has evolved from the existing metal frame passageway, and has been assembled into engineering solutions on the spot, many of which do not require on-site modification, such as cutting, drilling and welding.

Technical Data

Installation Site: Open field
Wind Load: Up to 60m/s
Snow Load: 1.4KN/m
Applicable Module: Framed or Frameless
Module Orientation: Landscape
Foundation: Ground Screw or Concrete
Main Material: 100% Anodized Aluminum
Fastener Material: Stainless Steel
Warranty:Ten years warranty and twenty years' service life.

Factory & Shipping

Factory & Shipping of Aluminum Ground Mounting System

Details to Design and Quote

1. PV Panels Size: ____________________________mm
2. Wind Speed: ________________m/s
3. Snow Speed: ________________KN/m2
4. Panel Array: _____________no's in a row
5. Tilt Angle: ________________o
6. Panel Direction:  ______________________(Landscape/Portrait)
7. Clearance Height: ________________mm
8. Foundation: ______________________(Concrete/Pile/Ground Screw)
9. Roof: ______________________(Tin/metal/tile/slate/shingle roof/flat roof)

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