Concrete Based Ground Mounting System

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Concrete Based Ground Mounting System

Product Introduction

Our concrete based ground mounting system is a highly versatile ground installation solution that can be widely used in commercial and public utilities. With the patent components, our ground mounting system saves a lot of time to install, and provides you with a huge marketing advantage over your competitors.

Our technology fixed ground photovoltaic bracket adopts double column structure, the shape is simple and beautiful, the structure is exquisite and stable, on-site installation without welding, and high reliability; to meet the structural bearing capacity characteristics, combined with the actual situation, optimize the use of materials. Part of the battery plate connected by the guide rail installation, suitable for all kinds of solar panels, easy to install, greatly improve the efficiency of the site construction and save the cost.

Features & Advantages

● Hooks are available for most types of tile and asphalt shingle roofs, besides, flexible for low, medium and heavy snow load installation area.
● Strict QC offers more reliable solutions with quite long life span.
● One-Inquiry Services: you will get transparent pricing policies through one inquiry and avoid back-and-forth negotiations with our "One Purchase One Inquiry" services.
● Mechanical calculation and reliability tested to ensure highest product quality.  
● Wide application: Three types of foundations make the racking system fit all kinds of soil.

Concrete Based Ground Mounting System

Factory & Shipping

Factory & Shipping of Concrete Based Ground Mounting System

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1. PV Panels Size: ____________________________mm
2. Wind Speed: ________________m/s
3. Snow Speed: ________________KN/m2
4. Panel Array Layout: _____________no's in a row
5. Tilt Angle: ________________o
6. Panel Direction:  ______________________(Landscape/Portrait)
7. Clearance Height: ________________mm
8. Foundation: ______________________(Concrete/Pile/Ground Screw)
9. Roof: ______________________(Tin/metal/tile/slate/shingle roof/flat roof)
(Note: Kindly copy above texts into enquiry form, then submit, our sales team will reply you within 48 hours.)

Ruiye Industry, located in Xiamen, is one of the leading concrete based ground mounting system manufacturers and suppliers in China. Known for its stable and excellent performance, this solar system products must be your best choice. And the customized orders are also welcome. Should you're interested in it, take action to get the free sample with us.