Ground Mount PV Racking Systems

Ground Mount PV Racking System provides flexible installation array. The ground mounted photovoltaic Racking system can range from thousands of watts to multi megawatts, and can be adapted to various site conditions.

Product Details

Product Introduction

In commercial and residential applications, the Ground Mount PV Racking System provides flexible installation array. In the open space, the available roof area is limited, which prevents or does not exist. The ground mounted photovoltaic system can range from thousands of watts to multimegawatts, and can be adapted to various site conditions. They are often allowed to optimize the design, such as the optimal spacing and direction of the designated array, to maximize kwh production. Over the years, shelf system has evolved from the existing metal frame passageway, and has been assembled into engineering solutions on the spot, many of which do not require on-site modification, such as cutting, drilling and welding.  

The pre-designed ground installation racking system is usually composed of anodic alumina, steel or aluminum and steel components, generally assembled by hot galvanizing or stainless steel hardware. Some rakcing systems were certified to meet the comprehensive grounding and connection requirements of UL 2703. It approved the ground mounting system components as the grounding means of the module frame, which means no bare copper equipment grounding conductor purchase, installation and management. Some manufacturers are waiting for UL 2703 to certify their products, while others have not yet come to the market.  

In view of the long east west line of the ground installation array and the multi support track coupling, some manufacturers began to provide the provisions of the thermal expansion rail joint. Similarly, the ground mounted rack system begins to integrate the wire management function to help protect the conductor, while reducing the time taken by the installers to protect and support the array wiring.  

In addition, the Ground Mount PV Racking Systems can provide different foundations and installation methods to solve uneven terrain and various soil types and conditions. Because land use, such as underground obstacles such as landfills or underground obstacles or shallow bedrock, is limited if there is no need for infiltration, such as precast or cast-in-place concrete ballast blocks. It is possible to excavate and excavate, and the installation program can use concrete foundation, pile, micro pile, spiral nail to fix and support the array. According to the racking system design and soil types, the plan may require single or double row vertical support columns and related anchorage points. Similarly, the installation tolerances of vertical supporting members are different because of different products. For complex or uneven sites, it is important to consider that every post can not be completely installed.

Technical Data

Material Aluminum Al6005-T5
Module specification based on customer requirement
Module arrangement Landscape / Portrait
Tilt Angle 5o~45o
Applicable Panels Framed or unframed
Foundation Ground screw/ Bored Concrete Pile/Concrete
Design life 25 years
Warranty 10 years

Factory & Shipping



Aluminum material with AL6005-T5 & Hot Dipped galvanized steel Q235

2. TYPE of foundation
There are two kinds of foundation . One is ground screw, the other is concrete foundation.

3. What is the MOQ?
More than 10kw system

4. PRODUCTION period
It takes within 15-20days after the advance payment.

5. Product Quality
All our suppliers (certified under ISO 9001:2000) carry out strict quality controls in order to get the best quality performance as required by our internal procedures.



We warrants the Purchaser the Product be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of ten (10) years, except for the anodized finish, from the date on which the system is purchased from Reysolar, on the terms set out in this warranty.

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