Ground Mount Solar Panel Racking Systems

Product Details
Product Introduction

Reysolar's Ground Mount Solar Panel Racking Systems is applied to large commercial solar power plant and plant for public utilities.

This is a single column mounted system which is suitable for both frame and frameless modules. The infrastructure of concrete foundation increases the grip and wind resistance.

In order to save the installation time and cost at site, the main components of this system is a folded structure (about 40% pre-assembled at factory).

Nearly 100% of the solar powered support components are made of aluminum and are equipped with aluminum components for installation on a concrete bar foundation or foot screw. The Ground Mount Solar Panel Racking Systems is fast installed and delivered in preinstalled parts, which minimizes the installation process. It provides a solid and solid installation structure for use in a high wind and snow load environment.

Features & Advantages of Ground Mount Solar Panel Racking Systems

● Screws and nuts go with every components needed.
● One-Inquiry Services: you will get transparent pricing policies through one inquiry and avoid back-and-forth negotiations with our "One Purchase One Inquiry" services.

● High Accuracy: Without the need for cutting rail,the use of our unique rail extending allows the system to be installed with millimetre accuracy.
● Excellent Adaptability: Engineered to high standard racking system is safe and strong,its designed to comply with AS/NZS 1170.
● Maximum Lifespan: All components are made of quality extruded aluminium and stainless steel. The high corrosion resistance guarantees the maximun possible lifespan and is also completely recyclable.
● Mechanical calculation and reliability tested to ensure highest product quality.
● Easy installation: The innovative rail and rail nut have greatly simplified the installation of solar panels. The system can be installed with a single hexagon key and standard tool kit. The rail nut and unique rail extension method allow greatly reduced installation times.
● Great Flexbilitity: With the racking system,frammed solar panels can be easily mounted on pitched roof. The racking system has excellent compatibility, is suitable for all size solar panel from all the popular manufacturers.

Factory & Shipping

Factory & Shipping of Ground Mount Solar Panel Racking Systems

Required Information to Design and Quote

1. PV Panels Dimension: ____________________________mm
2. Wind Speed: ________________m/s
3. Snow Speed: ________________KN/m2
4. Panel Array Layout: _____________no's in a row
5. Tilt Angle: ________________o
6. Panel Direction: ______________________(Landscape/Portrait)
7. Clearance Height: ________________mm
8. Foundation Type: ______________________(Concrete/Pile/Ground Screw)
9. Roof Type: ______________________(Tin/metal/tile/slate/shingle roof/flat roof)

(Note: Above information can be easily copied into enquiry form)

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