Ground Mounted Solar PV Systems

Product Details
Product Introduction

Reysolar's Ground Mounted Solar PV Systems is a large array of photovoltaic systems for open terrain. The design of the system, with the minimum installation basis, greatly reduces the number of labor.

Due to different basic solutions, such as concrete with buried bolts, directly buried and ground screws, the Ground Mounted Solar PV Systems can be modified and installed.

In the special tilt of the module, the fixtures and bolts make the installation convenient and quick. The custom length can eliminate field welding and cutting, and maintain high corrosion resistance, structural strength and appearance.

Technical Data of Ground Mounted Solar PV Systems

Material Aluminum Al6005-T5
Module specification based on customer requirement
Module arrangement Landscape / Portrait
Tilt Angle 5o~45o
Applicable Panels Framed or unframed
Foundation Ground screw/ Bored Concrete Pile/Concrete
Design life 25 years
Warranty 10 years

Features & Advantages of Ground Mounted Solar PV Systems

● The tilting of the T module can be placed from any position to the extrusion track, and can be pre assembled with the fixture and the L - shaped bracket to ensure the rapid and simple installation process.
● The PV installation system is designed to adapt to extreme weather by skilled engineers in accordance with the international structural load standards. The main supporting parts are also tested to ensure. Structure and bearing capacity. ● The installation structure is a cost-effective installation solution. The number of components can be calculated and sold according to the specific calculation of the project. In order to save time between plan and installation, various components can be saved.
● All the structural components are made of high-grade stainless steel and anodized aluminum alloy. Its corrosion resistance is high, its design life is twenty years, and there is a ten year warranty.
● Strict QC offers more reliable solutions with quite long life span.
● Flexible post spacing withstands different wind & snow loads.

Factory & Shipping

Factory & Shipping of Ground Mounted Solar PV Systems


1. MATERIALS of the system
Aluminum material with AL6005-T5 & Hot Dipped galvanized steel Q235

2. TYPE of foundation of the system
There are two kinds of foundation . One is ground screw, the other is concrete foundation.

3. What is the MOQ?
More than 10kw system

4. PRODUCTION period
It takes within 15-20days after the advance payment.

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