Ground Screws Solar Mounting System

Product Details

Product Introduction

Ground Screws Solar Mounting System is developed for solar power plants, offer a flexible, simple and affordable solutiong. It is applied to large commercial solar power plant for public utilities. This is a single column mounted system which is suitable for both frame and frameless modules.  

In order to save the installation time and cost at site, the main components of this system is a folded structure (about 40% pre-assembled at factory).

Specification Details

Material Aluminum Al6005-T5
Module specification based on customer requirement
Module arrangement Landscape / Portrait
Tilt Angle 5o~45o
Applicable Panels Framed or unframed
Foundation Ground screw/ Bored Concrete Pile/Concrete
Design life 25 years
Warranty 10 years

System Benefits

● High level of pre-fabrication and the design makes it faster than ever before to install
● Increased distance between foundation supports reduces material costs
● Engineered to make the connection between the girder and the strut even stronger
● There is less hardware which means less to manage and lose onsite
● Re-engineered with 15% less parts saving you time and money

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About Us

A leading producer of innovative light metal products, Reysolar develops and produces solar mounting systems and sustainable products from aluminum and high-grade steel. Internationally, the company is constantly evolving and has become a globally recognized supplier of products in the areas of solar technology, traffic engineering, trade shows, and environmental technology, as well as in customized solutions. In South China our focus and reputation has evolved with manufacturing innovative solar mounting systems.

Invite us for Design and Quotation

1. PV Panels size: ____________________________mm
2. Wind Speed: ________________m/s
3. Snow Speed: ________________KN/m2
4. Panel Array Layout: _____________no's in a row
5. Tilt Angle: ________________o
6. Panel Direction:  ______________________(Landscape/Portrait)
7. Clearance Height: ________________mm
8. Foundation: ______________________(Concrete/Pile/Ground Screw)
9. Roof: ______________________(Tin/metal/tile/slate/shingle roof/flat roof)

Ruiye Industry, located in Xiamen, is one of the leading ground screws solar mounting system manufacturers and suppliers in China. Known for its stable and excellent performance, this solar system products must be your best choice. And the customized orders are also welcome. Should you're interested in it, take action to get the free sample with us.