Ground Terrace 5 Solar PV Racking System

Product Details

Ground Terrace 5 Solar PV Racking System

Brief Introduction

Ground Terrace 5 Solar PV Racking System is engineered for medium to large ground based PV projects. With its high strength frame, it is suitable for locations with heavy snow and wind. The GTV features an adjustable design to avoid installation errors. The adjustable range is 0-20m horizontally and vertically. The GT V has no front support which is suitable for lower ground clearance and can save cost and improve installation efficiency. The pre-assembled structural design saves time and labor cost as well.

Technical Parameters

Installation Site: Open field
Foundation: Driven pile, concrete bases
Wind Load: Up to 60m/s
System Tilt Angle: 5 - 60 degree
Applicable Module: Framed or Frame-less
Module Orientation: Portrait and Landscape
Code Compliance: AS/NZS 1170/DIN 1055/JIS C 8955 : 2011
Rail Material: Anodised Aluminum/6005-T5 Steel
System Material: Aluminum AL 6005-T5 (Anodized)
Warranty: 10 years


1. The GTV is fully pre-assembled due to its simplified structure, which reduces installation time.
2. The adjustable anchor plates help to adjust the position of the supports. This is especially useful when installed on concrete columns or ground screws.
3. The square tubes offer added stability.
4. The beams can be installed without drilling or cutting.
5. If combiner boxes, inverters or back side supports are needed to be fastened to the GTV, they will be installed directly on supports by T bolts without drilling on site.

Component List

Installation Guide

1. Fasten corrugated T anchor plates and T anchor plates onto embedded bolts on concrete bases

2. Fasten the T jointer on the front of the GTV pre-assembled supports to the T anchor plates; then fasten the back supports and the inclined support to the corrugated T anchor plate

3. Repeat the above steps

4. Install Beams

5. Installation of solar panels

6. The installation is complete

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