Pile-Driven Ground Mount System

Product Details

Product Introduction

Pile-Driven Ground Mount System is especially suitable for rocky areas (usually rock content is more than 70%), and suitable for landfill areas or flat roof. The concrete pile ground mount system has solid structure with HDG (hot dip galvanizing), which ensures its stability. As a professional manufacturer of solar panel racking system in China, our company can provide good-quality concrete pile mounting system to you.

Features & Advantages

● High efficiency  
It is very easy to install concrete pile ground mount system because of simple structure. Besides, some parts have been installed when at the factory. All these save time and improve work efficiency.  
● Solid structure  
Concrete pile is featured by high intensity, high precision and adaptability and it is an ideal choice for solar racking.  
● Low cost  
Concrete pile ground mount system has competitive price as it adopts HDG (hot dip galvanizing) as material, which reduce cost.

Pile-Driven Ground Mount System

Factory & Shipping


Ruiye Industry, located in Xiamen, is one of the leading pile-driven ground mount system manufacturers and suppliers in China. Known for its stable and excellent performance, this solar system products must be your best choice. And the customized orders are also welcome. Should you're interested in it, take action to get the free sample with us.