Xiamen Ground Screw Anchored Footings

Xiamen Ground Screw Anchored Footings
Product Details

Ground Screw Anchored Footings

Product Introduction

The worldwide applications of Ground Screw Anchored Footingss have proven that this cost-effective, environmentally sound product’s time has come. Applications of these foundation ground screws include:
● Timber Frame Construction
● Advertising and Transport Signs
● Urban and Garden Landscape Construction
● Shed and Container Construction
● Fences
● Photovoltaic Installations
● Fastening Solutions

Ground Screw Anchored Footings

Feature of ground screw:

● Zinc coating surface:
Thanks to the layer of zinc coating, the post anchor are free of corrosion and rust. It also can be color coated for the great appearance of your structures.

● Different shapes:
A range of post anchors in different shapes, sizes and colors are suitable for a number of applications. Meanwhile, custom types are also available.

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