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Can solar panels be mounted on a flat roof?

Jan 14, 2019

Solar panels should be an option for everyone, regardless of the size and/or pitch of their roof. Many people with flat roofs decide against solar panels as they do not think they can be installed due to the lack of direct sunlight. However, they would be wrong to think that. It is actually perfectly possible to install solar panels on a flat roof, and this page takes you through how it can be done.

How do solar panel systems work on a flat roof?

Flat roof solar systems are most commonly found on commercial buildings, where the roof is typically made to be flat. However, it is definitely possible for them to be installed on domestic properties as well. The solar array that is installed uses the same type of solar panel as a traditional system, but certain considerations need to be made. The array needs to be able to self-clean during rainy weather and also avoid damage during strong winds. The installer should also take the pitch of the system into account, making sure that it captures as much energy from the sun as possible.

This is where thin film solar cells can come in really useful. They tend to be incredibly flexible, and can also be turned into automatic panels. These move with the sun as the day goes by, capturing as much sunlight as possible as it is always in direct light. While they are less efficient than crystalline-based solar panels, you will be able to generate more power throughout the day with an automatic system as opposed to a stationary one.

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