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China's new energy industry should keep a clear mind

Dec 15, 2016

At present, China has one of the world's second-largest energy consumer, experts say another 3-5 even beyond the United States as the world's largest energy consumer. In recent years, energy industries, including solar energy, wind energy and coal-fired power are related to investments, and even can be said many companies do in new investments in the energy sector has made some mistakes. Then the current clear resource investment system will become a hot topic and the way to promote the healthy and orderly development of new energy industry.

Developing new energy solar hot water engineering industry has become China's and indeed the world to solve environmental problems, making sustainable development a top priority. Real mass industrial capital and financial capital in new energy fields, is to begin with the application of new energy into the power station, no more than ten years. Ten years is not long, but China's new energy industry staged a crazy "rodeos".