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Flat plate solar industry: benchmark value return

Dec 15, 2016

"Benchmark" is a model of learning, or unattainable object on the axes is positive energy.

Today is an era of accelerated, drastic increase in uncertainty, but does not change the nature of the business, but the times has amplified sales and marketing tools, but often ignored products and production itself, but no matter what, this is the most important. People see the success of millet, but not Foxconn's success, people can see the rise of Lenovo and IBM's decline, but not Intel's century-old Ivy.

In the solar industry, future markets are the elephant and the Ant dance era. Engineering market is characterized by fragmentation and personality, are difficult to replicate, because a small amount of small enterprises, with greater flexibility to adapt to the changing market, so a small engineering company is the next most active factor on the market. However, they can not be separated from the core suppliers support, as well as Intel, flat plate collectors with standard products in the field, the market provides reliable, cost-effective and high quality products.

In fact, in the field of solar hot water project cannot birth a benchmarking enterprise learning for all, industry needs to have been born is the benchmark project. Bowen price adjustment is just under the laws of the market value, and other companies need to do is back you can do yourself, in both industries.