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Future of Solar Roof

Nov 15, 2018
Metal Roof Solar Support

At present, China has become the world's largest producer of solar cells, and a number of optoelectronic production enterprises with international competitiveness and international reputation have emerged, forming an industrial chain with scale, internationalization and specialization. However, due to many reasons such as high power generation cost, low photoelectric conversion rate, photovoltaic grid connection, and low awareness of people, the current domestic market demand is insufficient, which has affected the development of the industry to some extent. The sharp contraction of short-term internal and external demand is even more deteriorating in the photovoltaic industry, which has a foreign dependence of 70%-90%. The introduction of this policy has made the photovoltaic industry see hope. Although this benefit is mainly for solar photovoltaic building applications represented by “solar roof”, it can be expected that thanks to the huge development space of the solar energy industry and the strong support of the government, the emergence of solar power stations also It will not be far behind, and China's PV industry is bound to explode in the future. If the solar industry is a huge cake, then only the prophets who are the first to intervene can fully share. The current development of the solar industry is only the beginning, and the solar sector is enjoying a sunny day.