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How are the high quality aluminum products made?

Apr 26, 2018


● Step 1  Aluminum bar    ● Step 2  Hot Shears Furnace Heating    ● Step 3  Running the Mould

● Step 4  Extruding the molding   ● Step 5  automatic traction  ● Step 6  automatic straightening

● Step 7  customized cut   ● Step 8  increase hardness  ● Step 9  finish machining

● Step 10  surface treatment   ● Step 11  packaging   ● Step 12  transportation

>> We are one of the oldest and most experienced aluminum profiles manufacturer and machining operation factory in the Fujian West-strait Zone. 

 >> Specialists in Aluminum Extrusion Profiles Fabrication & Aluminum Products Mechanical Deep-Processing. 

>> We offer our service in developing, designing and manufacturing, mechanical processing aluminum profiles as your own special design.

● Customized Industrial Aluminum Profiles 

We offer professional manufacturing of bespoke aluminum extrusion profiles and the manufacture of quality extruded aluminum components. The extrusion designs are passed to us using CAD drawings or the more conventional paper drawing. From the drawing or CAD file we create the die through which aluminum is pressed and formed into the desired profile. The complexity and size or shape of the cavity varies according to the design requirements of our customers. The production of aluminum alloy products manufacturing all kinds of specifications, and professional to provide customers with all kinds of aluminum anodic oxidation coloring, spraying & coating etc. 

• Mechanical Processing 

According to customer require, we provide the precision sizing, precision drilling, cutting, punching, pipe bending, welding, milling, lathe, mechanical polishing, surface grinding, sandblasting, wire drawing, acid chemical polishing, hard oxidation and metal products processing, installation and other services. Our factory is equipped with automatic hydraulic cutting machine, many different types of CNC lathe, punch and CNC milling machine; mechanical polishing, vibration grinding machine, sandblasting machine, drawing machine and other processing equipment and anodizing production line (more than 30 slot: length x width x depth = 2.4M x 1M x 1.2M), can satisfy the customer to processing and the requirement of surface treatment, and the use of imported dyeing agent, coloring agent and sealing agent, meet customer requirements for quality. By dint of perfect technique, excellent quality, reasonable price, top-grade service, made us win the favor of the spacious customer.