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Power solar water heater will become the development trend

Dec 15, 2016

The emergence of mobile phones, has changed the way people communicate; the advent of iPhone overturned someone's perception of mobile phones. Birth of a solar water heater, changed the way people used hot water; power solar water heater come out, redefining the solar.

Everyone knows that solar water heaters produce hot water, is used to take a bath. In 2014, the MU-song of the four seasons has unveiled a product--electricity generation solar water heaters, upended the traditional understanding of solar water heaters. The products first, through the cross-border integration, collection of photovoltaic and solar thermal are two technologies in one, both hot water and lighting functions, deep industry milestone.

Industry experts believe that Mu-song of the four seasons power solar water heater or a solar industry new pattern will become the development trend of the industry.

+ Bath lighting, new breakthrough application

First, electricity is from solar water heater industry in the application of a breakthrough. This breakthrough was first breakthroughs of thinking. If fixed to the "solar water heaters was taking a shower," this definition of thinking, that solar water heaters also remain unchanged forever, forever lie on the roof, into the cold water, hot water.

Breakthroughs in thinking lead to technological innovation. "Power generation solar water heaters with a space power tube, 12 hours of power a day lighting can be achieved. Aerospace power tube uses the space photovoltaic technology, high photoelectric conversion efficiency, long service life, easy to install, free energy for household lighting. Meanwhile, precision drill pipe space and provide 24-hour hot water. Bath, lighting, all at no cost. "Mu-song of the four seasons in charge said.