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Solar energy-related industry has strong support

Dec 15, 2016

Economic development promotes the continuous improvement of living standards, more and more people realize the importance of environmental protection and green industry is starting to become an important road for national development and energy development at the current session of the national people's Congress as a special emphasis on the problem, Chinese Premier Li keqiang noted to increase the proportion of non-fossil fuel electricity generation, encouraging the development of wind and solar power as the leading green energy economy! Of course relative to the use of wind energy is still at the research stage, solar energy is naturally more attention! And solar energy to a number of industrial and natural product received strong support!

Solar hot water project has been the main representative products in the water heater industry, which currently has the most developed market of flat plate solar water heater, flat plate solar water heater has been used in China for more than 20 years of history, has undergone copper-aluminum composite plate, strip welding by ultrasonic, whole plate laser welding development.

With the increasing emphasis on national building energy-saving and renewable energy in the Ministry of construction has issued a city model, identifies the evaluation of green building measures, as the largest building energy-saving potential of solar energy will be greater development and use. Industry experts believe that flat-plate solar collectors with safe, efficient, pressure and easy building integration advantage, provides a larger space for development.