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Solar hot water engineering development needs

Dec 15, 2016

Solar ordinary low-temperature hot water engineering in today's social life has been far from adequate to meet the demand, and solar hot water vapor works came into being, it can perfectly solves the problem of low temperature solar water heaters in the winter, and can provide the pressure needed steam to solve industrial use of steam and hot water, to reduce heating costs and boost profits.

Low temperature in the solar hot water engineering, hotel, bathroom, civil, the best solution for heating domestic water. Medium and low temperature solar water heating project, needs applicable to water temperatures below 60 degrees or to industrial needs. Which works well, generally in 3 years time to recoup their investment costs.

For different of thermal engineering, are should used detailed of case analysis developed detailed of design programme and construction rules, such to guarantee each engineering can do most for customer of with hot need, cannot also not should appeared design capacity partial big, such need temperature is guarantee has, but will increased user not necessary of early investment, more cannot appeared capacity partial small appeared enough using of situation. Especially solar energy project heaven, exposure is a far cry from the different regions, should compare the building conditions were analyzed.