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Solar hot water engineering talents of root causes, there are five major factors

Dec 15, 2016

With the rapid rise of solar thermal market, many companies are suffering from the lack of professional pain. Professional engineering talent once again be companies compete for resources.

"You as an industry authority media of first media, a large number visited the market, understand the industry, met a lot of talent, introduced me to a number of solar engineering talent, and recently, our solar hot water project a lot, is not over. Plus the early focus on the retail market in rural areas, many of the projects require professional designers, short training time is not possible. So had to find to see if you have the right talent to help recommend some. "Since 2013, received a call from this author nearly every month.

Lack of solar hot water engineering professionals, many enterprises faced situation. I watched for a moment, media in the recruitment section of the Web site, most companies are recruiting engineering talent. The Chinese solar industry news and free information in the Chinese Journal of solar energy engineering, basic engineering talent recruitment information in each phase. Engineering talent has become all of a "good catch".

Many outsiders to the author said that the solar thermal industry professional engineering talent is missing, they are not understood. Arguably, the industry has developed more than 30 years, and became the world's first mass production and application of power. Accumulation, talents accumulation, technology business models basically formed, supposed talents then Yes. But the fact is that companies facing professional engineering talent gap.