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Solar hot water engineering technology, realizing the leap type development

Dec 15, 2016

Winter, fog haze has into has people heart of haze, solar hot engineering again became industry hot on the of topic, big light hot industry upgrade topic surfaced water, has industry experts proposed, should breakthrough existing light solar hot industry of border, not only to has "from low temperature to in the high temperature application" of technology extended route and "hot heat thermoelectric" of application field extended, more to has open fusion of industrialization this year winter, more to has open fusion of industrialization thinking, will solar, and air can, and energy-saving life electrical, industry through, Scaling out.

North and South over the haze ten Volt makes air quality a nation most concerned topic. Nobody is due to the air safe, data released by the Department showed that emissions of industrial boiler dust and sulfur dioxide, respectively 41.6% and 22.2% per cent of total national emissions, coal-fired industrial boilers to high energy consumption, high pollution tops. China is the world's solar hot water engineering industry powers, collector area is the largest in the world, mainly is the application of hot water system, from the middle of large coal-fired boiler was replaced by solar water heating project in Beijing and Tianjin can be seen clean, energy-efficient occupying the leading. Pan Baochun of rongshida group, said solar hot water project are energy-saving emission reduction, one of the most effective ways of reducing smog pollution, solar hot water engineering technology in China has been very mature, large-scale market really needs is a policy environment, improvement of the economic environment and physical environment.