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Solar Photovoltaic Bracket Requirements

Nov 11, 2019

Solar photovoltaic bracket requirements

The photovoltaic support structure must be solid and reliable, able to withstand such as atmospheric erosion, wind loads and other external effects. It should have safe and reliable installation, can achieve the maximum use effect with the minimum installation cost, almost free of maintenance, and have reliable maintenance. A good stent needs to consider the following factors:

(1) the strength of the material shall withstand at least thirty years of climatic factors.

(2) remain unaffected under extreme weather conditions such as blizzards or typhoons.

(3) bracket shall be designed with groove rail to place wires and prevent electric shock.

(4) power equipment shall be installed in non-environmental exposure and convenient for regular maintenance.

(5) must be easy to install.

(6) the cost should be reasonable.

High quality support systems must validate their design using software that simulates extreme weather conditions and perform rigorous mechanical tests such as tensile and yield strength to ensure durability.