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Solar thermal industry how to take the road of brand

Dec 15, 2016

As one of the few national industry with independent intellectual property rights system, solar thermal use after 30 years of wind and rain, leaped from "grassroots economy" development for the new energy economy policies popular objects throughout the industry produced nearly 2000 large and small light brand, achieved over billions of dollars in annual output value.

Not long ago, the solar thermal industry and ushered in the good news. March 2014, the State Council officially issued the national planning of new towns (2014-2020), pointed out that to accelerate the construction of green city, one of the main measures is speeding up the construction of renewable energy systems, promotion of distributed solar, wind, biomass, geothermal energy, diversified, large-scale applications, increase the proportion of new and renewable sources of energy. From this planning can be seen, solar energy is indispensable to the future urbanization of new energy.

Solar thermal industry experts believe that China's urbanization speed will have good for solar thermal industry. And that, in the process of urbanization, is expected to have 100 million families per year over the next decade to consume comfort upgrade, will usher in the explosive development of solar energy and building integration, energy-saving and low-carbon solar water heating systems, hot-water heating systems, solar cooling systems integration of UN-Habitat and life will become the norm.