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Solar water heater industry to establish industrial confidence

Dec 15, 2016

Last year and early this year, because of labor costs, raw material prices generally rise and policy stimulating effect of factors such as increasingly weakened, the solar industry has faced a sharp downturn. And because of the low entry threshold for the industry as a whole, the technological content of products is not enough, cause unevenness in the quality of the products on the other, because the industry as a whole lacks unity and improve the industry standards and regulatory mechanisms, solar water heaters and solar hot water engineering product variety in the callout model, is to let consumers feel confused.

But on currently,, part solar enterprise appeared of losses or, and industry shuffle or, in other industries development early are turns staged had, is market of hand on excessive investment of amendment, is a industry to mature of will by process, lively Shi of rushing headlong into mass action, difficult Shi of have failed, more to need market to regulation, and to decided, we need as peace to view stage of downturn. Under the background of the energy saving and emission reduction, human to solve energy and environmental problems, we must develop new sources of energy. And when wind power has grown to a certain size, when fear of nuclear power development, from the current level, the development of solar energy is expected to, trouble is only temporary, the pace of development of solar thermal industry would not be slowed down.