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Type of Solar Photovoltaic System

Nov 25, 2019

Sloping roof photovoltaic system

Characteristics of pv system support for slope roof:

1. Suitable for tile roof with different thickness and adjustable height accessories to meet customer application

2. Multi-hole design of connecting plate and other accessories, flexible and effective adjustment of bracket position

3. Do not damage the roof self-waterproof system


Flat roof photovoltaic system

Common flat roof form: concrete flat roof, color steel plate flat roof, steel structure flat roof, ball node roof.

Characteristics of photovoltaic system bracket on flat roof:

1. Large-scale and orderly laying

2. A variety of solid foundation connection

3. Unique accessories can be developed according to different needs of customers to meet the requirements

Large ground photovoltaic system

The common large ground photovoltaic system generally adopts the concrete strip (block) foundation form (the special gay love situation needs to consult the professional soil mechanics designer).

Features of large ground photovoltaic system support:

1. Quick installation to match the construction schedule of large ground photovoltaic power station

2. Flexible and changeable adjustment forms meet complex and changeable requirements of construction site

3. Simplify the number of accessories for site workers to identify and install


Column solar energy support

In order to meet the requirements of the installation of the battery components of large size, and can be used in the area that wind speed is larger, we design a ground strengthening structure, the support system can adjust the level Angle according to need, to install the system, do not need to be on-site welding, assembly drawings, according to our provide installing bolts in corresponding bolt hole in the center, installation can be completed. Main features: module area of 12.8 square meters; Completely free from maintenance; High reliability and long service life; Power up to 1.6 kw; No need to move, system fixed; Wind resistance ≥ 200km/h; The price is reasonable.