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Vent leakage analysis of solar water heating project

Dec 15, 2016

At the top of the tank is installed on the exhaust, exhaust pipe from the exhaust cap on, the dust ring and seal ring, in the installation of solar hot water engineering after about six months of use, dust ring for aging phenomenon. So that when the tank inside of steam discharged from the tank when encountered outside of cold air will become water, along the exhaust pipe downstream through the dust ring into water tank insulation, too, on a rainy, rain will follow the dust ring into insulation. When the insulating layer of polyurethane foam in water absorption becomes saturated, it will appear some cracks in the tank bottom water. Common causes are:

1, due to water pressure, water splashing in the water, causing the water in the water tank has not been filled out from the vent. Solution: adjust the water pressure to standard pressure.

2, water passed or blocked, causing water full water from flowing back into the water, the actual water of the water tank is full, continue to water will flow from the other vents. Solution: the problem is the laws of nature, using water unable to troubleshoot the problem, install the instrument to address the problem.

3, water valve or solenoid valve is not closed, cause always slow water, water will flow from the vent. Workaround: close water valves or to repair the defective part.

4, the steam water temperature is too high, this is a normal phenomenon.