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What Is Solar Mounting Structure?

Jan 11, 2019

Summary: The mounting structure is the supporting structure that holds the solar panels or arrays of solar panels to the ground. 

When you see solar panels, whether on rooftops or on the ground, you see them mounted on metallic structures. What are these mounting structures made of, and do they play a role beyond being just support structures? 

Mounting structures support solar panels on the ground, or on the rooftops. 

You might ask why solar panels cannot be directly attached to the ground. The following are the reasons

  • Panels need to be attached to the roof or to the ground. The panels themselves cannot be directly attached to the ground owing to their structure, and hence they need a separate mounting structure. 

  • Solar panels need a secure fastening to the roof or ground to protect against winds. Mounting structures do this function. 

  • Solar panels also require protection against water and other elements that gather on the ground or on the roof. 

  • In case of rooftop solar, the roof might not have a suitable inclination to get the maximum from sunlight. Having mounting structures at a suitable angle can tilt the solar panels at an optimal angle. 

  • You need some space between the solar panels and the ground for the cables etc. In addition, you need space for repairs and maintenance of the panels. 


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