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What is solar roof?

Sep 30, 2018
Roof Solar PV Mounting System

The solar roof is equipped with solar power generation devices at the top of the house, and uses solar photovoltaic technology to generate electricity in urban and rural construction areas to achieve energy saving and emission reduction targets. In order to implement China's commitment to the world's energy conservation and emission reduction targets, and strengthen policies to support the new energy economic strategy, the relevant national ministries and commissions launched a solar roof plan. With the increasing climate problems caused by global warming, the globalization of "low carbon revolution" came into being, "low energy consumption, low pollution, low emissions" has become the core of energy applications. As an inexhaustible, inefficient, non-polluting and cheap energy source, solar energy has quickly become the new favorite of new energy utilization. Solar roofing is one of the most important ways of solar photovoltaic power generation applications.