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Engineering Design And Economic Analysis Of Solar-powered Water Heater System

Dec 15, 2016

Quality and efficient engineering solar water heater details are as follows: systems using high performance optical thermal vacuum tube solar collector components. Configure the tank insulation (canned), and the pipe connection, automatic control devices such as pipes, brackets, match the quantitative power combination. Stable users: 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, using a 45-65 ° c water, configure the boiling water unit, offers thousands of drinking water. Full use of solar hot water in sunny weather, rainy day using the appropriate power to supplement. Ideal for hotels, hospitals, schools, hostels, and other enterprises.

System design and installation of scientific and reasonable, people-oriented regulation, operating procedures simpler, specific maintenance and reliable operation results, letting the user acceptance.

Collector every 6 square meters for a small group, 100 square meters of collector covers an area of about 100 square meters, such as taking up less than can be installed according to the actual site design.

Aperture area of 100 square meters per day for 45-65 ℃ hot water above 8 tons, northern winter can provide hot water to 5-6 tons, incubator, bile is 340# stainless steel welded polyurethane foam insulation, composite pipe external piping materials for insulation and anticorrosion.