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Flat-what Are The Advantages Of Solar Energy?

Dec 15, 2016

First of all, better pressure performance of flat plate solar

At present, the urban commercial solar hot water project is generally centralized heating system, water pressure is high, this requires from solar water heater out of the water to have a certain amount of pressure, thereby, reduce water heater water outlet and the pressure difference between the water outlet, to provide users with convenient and comfortable.

Due to the heat plate of flat-plate solar collectors are made of metal, collector and storage tank connections with metal parts, so can withstand pressure from the tap water and the circulation pump.

Second, the Tablet perfect combination of solar energy and buildings of this characteristic is not incontrovertible

Flat plate solar building integration requirements. Flat plate solar water heaters due to its structural characteristics, in the application of solar energy and building integration, morphological structure flexible at will, without shape or size constraints at design time, and is easy to implement and the combination of building components. Coupled with its collector plate is metal, easy knots, welded connections, to facilitate the installation, maintenance and use.

Again, flat plate solar thermal efficiency significantly

Vacuum tube solar collector is made of several vacuum tubes, there is a gap between the pipe and when in the Sun, part of solar energy has not been accepted by the collector. Flat-plate solar collectors are a continuous plane of the entire collector surface can be sunlight. Therefore, under the same lighting area and sun exposure and daily average efficiency of flat plate solar water heaters are generally higher than average daily efficiency of vacuum tube solar water heater 6%.