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How Can I Tell If Solar Hot Water Project

Dec 15, 2016

Application of solar energy hot water in our lives right now is perfect, but at present, solar hot water projects of technological progress is very fast, how to distinguish between solar hot water engineering small series to explain them to you.

Do you know how to tell quality solar hot water project? Insulation is a tank between the outer skin and inner part of the insulating layer directly influences the performance of solar-powered much of the actual amount of hot water available. According to the national standard, vacuum tubes must be relatively high-cost borosilicate 3.3 glass material, so as to ensure its transparency and pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, resistance to impact. Liner thickness. Inner quality of the life of the water heater, if the tank is leaking, the water heater is scrapped. Regular on the choice of manufacturers on the support frame carefully, ferrite stainless steel is stainless steel, magnetic, corrosion-resistant, high strength, and because of its excellent record strength properties, so the regular manufacturers choose to use this kind of material.

Solar water heating is our product that cannot be missing from the modern urban life and purchase high quality solar products that make life more comfortable for our bath, believes that the development of solar water heating will be even better!