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Huge Potential For Future Industrial Use Of Solar Water Heaters

Dec 15, 2016

Yin Zhiqiang, a professor from Tsinghua University in electronic engineering began 34 years ago research on solar thermal energy utilization, he told reporters that since 1990, China has become the world's largest producer in solar thermal utilization, use, by the end of 2011, 62% of China's solar water heaters to keep per cent of the global total. "It is worth mentioning that, in the field of solar thermal energy utilization in China, with the vast majority of independent intellectual property rights, technical level of research and development at the international forefront of many international standards are based in China. ”

For the utilization of solar energy, photovoltaic products, China is currently a two out, not many independent intellectual property rights, product the vast majority of exports subject to foreign markets. Solar thermal utilization of production capacity of 95% in internal Digest, in addition to energy saving and emission reduction, boosting domestic demand was also evident.

Industrial use of solar energy potential

Energy and the environment, said Zhang Xiaosong, a professor at the University of Southeast, current solar thermal utilization focused on civilian, which would provide domestic hot water for the residents, "in General, currently used in the industry is relatively small, but it has broad application prospects, energy saving functions can be brought into greater play. ”