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Kennedy Is Going To Grow A New Solar Farm

Dec 22, 2017

Kennedy is going to grow a new solar farm

The solar power in the Kennedy Space Center of Florida is about to improve, because the center has expanded the capacity to produce clean energy in an environmentally friendly way. A new solar power field is under construction. It is estimated that Kennedy's solar energy supply will double to four percent of the total usage of the center, though this number has exceeded 18% or even higher.

The ultimate goal is to produce 30% of Kennedy's energy consumption through 2025 renewable energy, including Kennedy power used elsewhere. In fact, the expansion of solar power plant will make Kennedy use the power cost of the campus building off the center, Israel Marrero Figueroa said, CO chief design engineer.

Kennedy has two solar power plants: one is the industrial area, one can produce 1 megawatts of electricity for central use, and the other one generates electricity for several miles south, which produces 10 megawatts of electricity for Florida power and light. FPL is established and maintained. They were built at the end of 2009 and early 2010.

"This is what we want, so this is a positive one," said Nick Murdock, the project manager of Kennedy's energy and water. " It helps to offset our utility costs, and it works to meet our renewable energy generation targets. This is a success. "

A new facility is being built, and the size of a factory similar to 1 megawatts is under way. In addition, it will be opened in December. Other extensions are also in the planning stage. The centre's overall plan can accommodate a number of areas to accommodate new solar panels without affecting the wildlife reserves shared with the center.

"What I like is that it's a different thing than the project we usually do," Samori Ball says, the project manager for expanding work. " Now the price of the equipment has been reduced, and we can implement these factories to counteract the power consumption of the entire plant. "

The two solar power plants have started to operate over the years, and bad weather has had little impact on their production, Murdock said.

"When the storm comes, they don't usually stick to it," Murdock said. If there is, they help to remove dust accumulated on the panel. We didn't lose a single panel for hurricanes, and they were very strong during the construction. "

He said that solar energy is the most likely source of renewable energy to generate electricity in Kennedy in the foreseeable future, because it has proved its effectiveness and sanctuary being approved. He also said that other machines have been considered, such as wind power generators.

There are more and more new technologies to improve the efficiency of solar energy, providing more options for more areas and increasing the amount of electricity.

"The sun may be the most important thing in Florida, because we don't have too much wind, but we have a lot of sunshine," Ball said. He added that the solar facility used in Kennedy is easier to maintain, because there are not too many moving parts. He says solar panels do not move with the sun, but that does not limit their power generation.

Because the center has built more solar power, large facilities are not expected to bear all the weight. On the contrary, many small projects can be built on the roofs of unused parking lots or some of Kennedy's buildings. Propellant North Building has established the feasibility of this method. The solar panels are fixed on the roof, and there is a top hood with photovoltaic cells on the top of the parking lot.

Using a canopy based approach, solar cells can be illuminated by the sun and provide cool cars for cars that are suspended under them. The energy saved during the day can also provide indoor lighting at night or in bad weather. The canopy can also be equipped with electric vehicle charging station.

"At present, the organization we are leading, we want to continue our leading generation of solar power and larger projects in our own power generation portfolio," our Murdock owner said.