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Solar Water Heater Industry Future Prospects

Dec 15, 2016

In recent years, solar energy and heat pump, gas, electricity, biomass energy and other complementary use in spreading, "energy integration" nowadays development of solar thermal utilization industry keywords. Green building and energy conservation Committee of China lidexiang, said that energy use is the development direction of the solar water heater industry, a variety of energy can be complementary, not restricted by the Sun to meet consumer demand for 24-hour.

Reports also pointed out that, since the solar water heater industry since 2008 and home appliances to the countryside, was overdraw ahead rural markets in the eastern part of the spending power, but there are still large gaps in rural areas in the Midwest market, statistics number of China's urban water heater in 89.1%, but only 20% in rural areas, so the next few years, with the construction of new countryside and urbanization speed, the markets have more room for incremental. Report predicts that the rural population from 20% up to 50%, industry can maintain its compound annual growth rate of around 15%-20%. Among them, the industry markets have great potential in the future, current solar hot water project is widely used in industrial heating systems, energy-saving renovation and construction enterprises, institutions of public areas such as engineering (hot water and heating) is entering a period of rapid growth, 2012 market rose 52%, and showing a hot upgrade, intelligent, integrated in a systematic character, further accelerating the growth trend. Rural and engineering analysis of market prospects, China market intelligence Center forecast that by 2020 the whole size of solar thermal utilization industry sales will reach 300 billion market.