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Types Of Solar Collectors

Dec 15, 2016

APEC meetings are being held in Huairou district of Beijing Yanqi Lake, a series by its spillover effect is gradually beginning to show. Recently, the temple signed more than more than 3,000 households, more than 6,000 square meters of hot water thermal storage system of concentrated heat, engineering, become the Rob look good news within the industry, adds green to meeting for this project.

For reflected green Beijing impression, show low carbon environmental of design concept, Summit core around regional started "reduction coal for coal, and clean air", this year focuses on advance APEC Conference along and the core around, and focus town center town district, "four a focus regional" of village, full implementation "reduction coal for coal", control air pollution, will focus in rural residential seismic energy-saving insulation transformation, and new rural community and the mountain relocation, engineering.

According to Temple operations General Manager Li Renxing introduced Temple Yanqi Lake during the Summit on solar hot water project is showing green, green, a key project in Beijing, in order to ensure the project's completion, run smoothly and on time use, Temple are all in action, we're very lucky and very happy to show the world our energy saving and environmental protection technologies.

It is reported that the construction of Beijing Yanqi Lake Conference facilities adhering to the "low carbon and environmental protection, scientific and technological innovation" concept, more than more than 70 of the world's leading provider of eco-friendly technologies, clean energy, solar domestic hot water use rate coverage rate has reached 100%.