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What Are The Components Of Solar Energy Engineering

Dec 15, 2016

Application of solar energy in our market is very broad, and now, with the development of solar energy engineering, application of solar energy in our lives is also more widely now, solar technology is getting better and better. Solar hot water project components are indispensable.

What are the components of solar energy engineering? Specific computer controller for solar hot water system, water temperature, water level, temperature and other controls can be realized. And electric water heater tank insulation, solar hot water tank insulation system is stored hot water container. Connecting roads: the main connecting road to convey hot water from the collector to the tank insulation, the cold water from the holding tank into the collector channel, make the whole system to form a closed loop. Control Center: solar hot water system and the common difference is control centre comprising a solar water heater. As a system, solar hot water systems control centre for the entire system, monitoring, operation, regulation and other functions.

When you purchase solar products, we pay attention to solar technology, now, as the solar market more and more people's attention, solar energy will be more widely used in our lives!