Adjustable Aluminum Solar Power Fence PV Wire Mesh Fence Mounting Net

Product Details

Adjustable Aluminum Solar Power Fence PV Wire Mesh Fence  Mounting Net


Solar PV farm fence is a kind of innovated fence, which adopts qualified low-carbon steel as raw material, with surface treatment of galvanizing or PVC coating. The Fence possess features of long-time anti-corrosion and UV-resistance. Using plastic end-caps on the top of each poles to protect rains drop in.

According to different installation sites, there are options for the base to be pre-buried 50cm or with bases of concrete or ground screw foundation. The fence and poles are connected by clipping connectors and fasteners like bolts and nuts. All bolts are anti-theft bolts.

This type of fence is widely applied due to its features of no mold processing, low production cost, easy forming, and able to produce different shapes, which is specially designed protecting facility for the solar PV farms.

It effectively prevents the security of people around the solar PV farms and the safety of electrical equipment on the solar farms, which is the best choice for solar PV plant protection products.

Technical Data

●Material: Q235 steel

●Surface Treatment:Galvanizing or PVC coating

●Thread Diameter: 4.0mm after coating

●Gridding Size: 50*200mm

●Fence Sheet Size: 1.5/1.8x2m

●Frames Size: 30* 50* 1. 2mm

●Pole Size:φ48*1900*1.2mm

●Ground Screw Dimension:φ68*1000*2mm

●Bolts for Ground Screw:M16*35(Hot-galvanized 4.8 )