Ground Screw Mounting System Galvanized Steel Pole Anchor Racking System

Product Details

Ground Screw Mounting System Galvanized Steel Pole Anchor Racking System


ReySolar Ground Screw is made from welded pipe body, with good strength and usability, which is used for the base or foundation of PV solar panel mounting system.

Ground screw features: conical shape and the bottom part as spiral fins, similar principle of screw, use mechanical equipment or wrench slowly put the screws into underground, with operation more convenient and energy efficient. The bottom part with open spiral fin, expanding the diameter of the pipe, increase the contact area with the soil and strengthen the contact with the soil, leading to better stability for the ground screws.

There are two types of ground screws:

● The first one is non-flange ground screw, fixing with screw-nuts, no flange at the end part. Use a nut, three or four nuts to fix the ground screws to the solar mounting system. The cost of his type is lower, and it is simple and convenient to adjust the installation height. The requests for the  height and the smoothness are not very accurate.

● The second type is the flange ground screw, fixed via convenient flange connection; The disadvantage is need to guarantee the flange keeping even, strictly requiring the ground screw height and precision.

Technical Data

●Diameter: standard 76mm, customized diameters available

●Length: 1200mm – 2500mm, customized lengths available

●Welding: international standards

●Galvanizing standard: DIN EN ISO 1461-1461

●Function: solar mounting system foundations

●Surface treatment: hot dip galvanized or electricity


●Packing: by cartons or steel pallets