Solar Energy Solar Power for Farm Agriculture Solar Mounting Racking System

Product Details

Solar Energy Solar Power for Farm Agriculture Solar Mounting Racking System


GM-Agriculture ground PV mounting system applies for farm land with ground screw foundation. The solar panels could be tilted at certain angle, leaving some gap from each side of the solar panels to meet the sunshine demands of crops. All components are made of 100 percent high-strength aluminum structural parts except the ground screw and posts(hot galvanized), which leads to good features of good corrosion resistance, light weight, high strength and delicate appearance.

Technical Data

●Design standard: JIS C8955:2011

●Max. wind resistance:36m/s

●Max. anti-snow load capacity:1.5KN/m2

●Installation angle range:0°~30°

●Span range:4.0m~5.5m

●Panel ground clearance:2.0m~4.0m

●System installation angle deviation:±2°

●Installation site: crop land

●Applicable panels: framed or unframed

●Modules direction: portrait or landscape

●Rail material:Al6005-T5

●Bolts& nuts Material:SUS304

●Supporting Leg material: hot galvanized Q235B

●Warranty: 10 years

Main Features

●Compatibility: Suitable for different specifications of PV modules, and the modules can be applied in different ways of arrangement, enabling random swap.

●Safety and reliability: With consideration to the load-bearing, wind, earthquake and other factors, and with rigorous calculation and testing the structure ensures safety and reliability.

●Easy installation: Most components are pre-assembled in factory, saving time and labor cost for project installation.

●Flexibility and adjustability: Considering of probable construction deviation, the structure is cleverly designed with a flexible regulatory function. The system foundation position errors can be solved by the unique structure of the regulatory function, reducing the difficulty of construction.